Parent Association

Parent Association

The Mission of the Parent Association is:

  • To initiate and promote a parent-teacher relationship that enhances the principles of the Catholic education process
  • To act as a liaison between parents and the school faculty
  • To support the operation and general activities of St. Bede the Venerable School
  • To organize and direct fundraising activities

The St. Bede School Parent Association Board is composed of seven nominated officers: In addition to the president, there are chairs for Fundraising, Volunteers, Secretary, Treasurer, Technology and Communication. Special Advisory Committees have been formed in the areas of Finance, Marketing, and Technology. Parent Association Board meetings are held monthly. Minutes are available for review in the school office.​

President Juliet Cullen
Fundraising Narine Stygar
Volunteers Erin Owen
Secretary Rachel Luke
Treasurer Henry Reichert
Communications Dorey Huston
Technology Teresa Oakland

St. Bede Consultative School Board

The purpose of the Consultative School Board is to provide our Pastor with advice and strategic guidance on all aspects of school administration, including curriculum, policy development and conflict resolution.

The Constitution and By-Laws of the Consultative School Board and Parent Association are available in the school office.